“Chair-ity Transformed” – Chair Auction

TC Arts Council’s “Chair-ity Transformed” A Huge Success 

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The staff and the Board of Directors for the Transylvania Community Arts Council wish to thank all who came out and supported their Fall Fundraiser “Chair-ity Transformed” on October 12 at Jaime’s Creole Brasserie. Almost $12,000 was raised in one night to support the programs of the TC Arts Council. Tammy Hopkins, executive director for the TC Arts Council said, “Close to 200 people enjoyed food by chef Jaime Hernandez and bid on transformed chairs created by local artists. There were lots of donated items by local artists and businesses. A special thanks goes out to Lori Roberts, Molly Jenkins, Paul Thomas, Suzie Knapp, Hesper Dickson, Hugh Tucker, Elda Brown, Kevin Jones, Margo Evans, Nita Porter, Joe Bruneau, Kristin Kilpatrick, Paula Wesley, and Lynne Joyce for helping to organize the event. And a BIG thank you goes to Keith Dragt from Trade-Arama Folk Art & Antiques for being the auctioneer.” Thank you to Jennifer Merrell who portrayed Chairty Loveseat and helped to sell many raffle tickets.

Lori Roberts, Past President of the Board of Directors for the TC Arts Council was one of the main organizers of the event. Roberts said, “The event was an even bigger success than I imagined, with all the generous support from the staff, volunteers, artists, and business partners and sponsors. We were extremely pleased with the outcome.”

The following artist transformed chairs for the TC Arts Council: Suzanne Schmitt, Christine Kosiba, Drew Deane, Barbara Hawk, Katy Rosenberg, Isabelle Von Losch, Mike Tiddy, Adrienne Casteen, Ellen & Don Stinchcomb, Kenson Thompson, Becky Young, Cora Niver, Kay Tiddy, BJ Winchester, Donna Allstaedt, Donna Hunter, Kitty Edwards, Lori Roberts, Margo Evans, Barbara Burkhart, Sacha Barnett, Elaine Bailey, Donna Ross, Tom McGow, Russell Newton, Jacki Walker, Sheri Walters, Barbara Bowers, Penny Mann, Lisa Fraker, Linda Lube, Lin Cotton, Ea Dossey, Francine Menor, Donna Rickard, Elizabeth Colvin, Nancy Shoe, Carol Jerome Moorman, Sue Giordano, Cynthia Zimmerman, Amber Steed, Rose Camp and Transylvania Vocational Services.

Donators for the silent auction and raffle included: Pure Pets, Healthy Harvest, Oskar Blues, be-Boutique, Suzie Knapp, Brian Kuehn, Paula Poad, Madelene Gozansky, Ann Zelle, Nancy Shoemaker, Carlene Jerome, Melissa Kooker, Rose Haynes, Nancy Rosenthal, Dian Magie, Tom McGow, Francine Menor, Barbara Sammons, Sharyn Fogel, Carol Moorman, Amber Steed, Lucy Rodes, Paul Thomas, Hugh Tucker, and Russell Newton.

Major Sponsors for the event: Trade-Arama Folk Art & Antiques, Steve Owen & Associates, Broad Street Wines, Brevard Brewing, United Community Bank, Leadership First, Co.- Lynne C. Joyce, and Jaime’s Creole Brasserie. Business Sponsors included: The Sunset Motel, Highland Books, The Grateful Dog, Number 7 Arts, Ernie’s Rock Shop, Theophilus, Brevard Insurance, Ginger M Salon, Roost, Fox Hollow, and local artist Sacha Barnett.

Another organizer for the event was Molly Jenkins, the current President of the Board of Directors at the TC Arts Council. Jenkins said, “We can’t thank everyone enough, all of those who contributed to this event. It took more than 50 artists, 30 local businesses and tons of the volunteers to make this event happen. It was the work of many!”

The Transylvania Community Arts Council is a 501 c-3 non-profit with the mission:

To enhance the “quality of life” in Transylvania County by celebrating and nurturing the creative spirit of artists, youth and individuals throughout the County. This mission will be accomplished by:

  • promoting all visual and performing arts in the County, promoting all artists, art businesses and art organizations in the County,
  • educating our youth,
  • educating adults, both locals and visitors,
  • providing art opportunities for all,
  • enhancing Economic Development through the arts
  • and by being a voice for the arts.

The TC Arts Council is located at 349 S. Caldwell Street in downtown Brevard. To learn more about the TC Arts Council go to www.tcarts.org. To learn more about the arts in Brevard and Transylvania County, go to www.artsofbrevard.org.

Chairity Auction chair by Adrienne Casteen


                             AN EVENING OF ART                             

Sunday, October 12  
 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

44 East Main Street
(Old Grover’s Building)

                                  Limited Tickets: $55


Your Ticket Includes:
Heavy hors d’oeuvres prepared by Chef Jaime Hernandez

Two drink tickets—wine & beer from Broad Street Wines & Brevard Brewing

Live artist demonstrations

Participation in Silent Auction &  Live Chair Auction

For more information or to purchase tickets call  the TC Arts Council 828-884-2787

Major Event Sponsors 

Trade – Arama Folk Art & Antiques

Steve Owen & Associates

Broad Street Wines 

Brevard Brewing

Jaime’s Creole Brasserie

                    Leadership First, Co – Lynne C. Joyce                     

United Community Bank

Business Sponsors: 

Highland Books, The Grateful Dog, Number 7 Arts, Sunset Motel, Theophilus, Brevard Insurance, Ginger M Salon, Sacha Barnett, Roost, Fox Hollow, and Ernie’s Rock Shop


Hare Chair by Christine Kosiba

“Hare Chair” by Christine Kosiba

Metal Chair by Katy Rosenberg

“Metal Chair” by Katy Rosenberg

Adrienne Casteen

“Dragon Dream” by Adrienne Casteen

Moorman Stool by Carl Jerome

“No Stoolin’ Around” by Carol Jerome Moorman

Thinking Chair by Drew Deane

“Thinking Chair” by Drew Deane

Chicken Chair by Sue Giordano

“Spring Chicken” by Sue Giordano

USA Chair by Zimmerman

“USA All the Way” by Cynthia Zimmerman

Wine & Cheese by Amber Steed

“Wine Country” by Amber Steed

Roses Chair by Edwards & Bailey

“Grandma Roses” by Kitty J. Edwards & Elaine Bailey

Side Table by Allstaedt

“Pink & Black Side Table” by Donna Allstaedt

Slugger Chair by Ross & McGow

“SLUGGER” by Donna Ross & Tom McGow

Landscape Desk Chair by Hawk

“Landscape” by Barbara Hawk

Blue Ridge Sky Chair by Fraker

“Blue Ridge Sky” by Lisa Fraker

Poppies Chair by Allstaedt

“Poppy Garden”  by Donna Allstaedt

Imagine Child Stool by Walter

“Imagine” by Sheri Walters

Early American Rocker by Allstaedt

“Early American Rocker” by Donna Allstaedt

Dreams & Trust Childs Chair by Walters

“Dream” by Sheri Walters

Let's Nest Bird Chair by Tiddy

“Let’s Nest” by Kay Tiddy

Dance Fairy Godmother Rocker by Lube

“Dance to Your Own Orchestra” by Linda Lubé

Seat of Wisdom Chair by Sepia Pen

“Seat of Wisdom” by Mike Tiddy

Walter Mill Triangle Table by Walker

“Water Mill” Triangle Table by Jacki Walker

Bistro Chairs by Tiddy

“Antique French Bistro Chairs” by Mike Tiddy

Red House Stool by Allstaedt

“Folk Art” Stool by Donna Allstaedt

Gone Fishing Stool by Winchester

“Gone Fishing” Stool by BJ Winchester

Princess Tiara by Steed

“Princess Tiara” by Amber Steed

Point o View Directors Chair By Winchester

“From My Point of View” Directors Chair by BJ Winchester

Fiber & Cloth Trace by Burkhart

“A Life” by Barbara Burkhart

Fairies & Flowers by Hunter

“Purple Garden” by Rose Camp

Tulip Chair by Camp

“Fun Desk Chair” by Ellen & Don Stinchcomb

Going Postal Stool by Mann

“Going Postal” Stool by  Penny Mann

Welcome Sign by Colvin

“Welcome Sign Whimsy” by Elizabeth Colvin

Red Engine Rocker by Stinchcomb

“Rockin’ Red Engine” by Ellen & Don Stinchcomb

Folk City Caned Chair by Evans
“Folk Sit-y” Margo Evans

Good Friend Dog Stool

“Good Friend” by Sacha Barnett

ABC Alphabet School Desk by Barbara Bowers

“Time to Do Our ABC’s” by Barbara Bowers

Waitin' on Santa Chair by Ea Dossey & Lin Cotton

“Waitin’ on Santa” by Ea Dossey & Lin Cotton

Buggy Rocker by Lori Roberts

“Buggy Rocker” by Lori Roberts

Red Chair by Russell Newton

“Red Cane-dy” Chair by Russell Newton

chair Becky Young After louise 2
“After Louise” by Becky Young

chair Isabelle Von Losch Transformed                               chair suzanne schmitt conchairto close up 2                     chair kenson thompson chef

“Transformed” by                                             “Conchairto” by                                   “Chef’s Chair” by

Isabelle Von Losch                                         Suzanne Schmitt                                Kenson Thompson


chair Cora Niver #50 Circle of Love                               chair Heather Hammond George                        chair TVS #43 Goldy Locks 3 Bears Chairs

“Circle of Love” by                                       “Heavy Metal Collage” by                   “Goldilocks & The Three Bears” by

Cora Niver                                                   Heather Hammond George            TVS – Transylvania Vocational Services


chair donna hunter fairies & flowers                               Fabric Cat Chair by Menor                         Flutterfly Garden by Rickard

“Flowers & Fairies” by Donna Hunter          “Purr-fect” by Francine Menor               “Flutterfly Garden” by Donna Rickard



chair #39 Lori Roberts - Examine for Truth

“Examine Bench” by

Lori Roberts


chair 54 Nancy Shoe Musical Chair

“Musical Chair” by Nancy Shoe


Silent Auction and Raffle items donated by:

Pure Pets, Healthy Harvest, Oskar Blues, be-Boutique, Suzie Knapp, Brian Kuehn, Joe Bruneau, Elda Brown, Madelene Gozansky, Carlene Jerome, Melissa Kooker, Rose Haynes, Nancy Rosenthal, Dian Magie, Tom McGow, Francine Menor, Barbara Sammons, Sharyn Fogel, Ann Zelle, Nancy Shoemaker, Paula Poad, Carol Moorman, Amber Steed, Lucy Rodes, Paul Thomas, Hugh Tucker, Russell Newton and many more.


chair ad trade-arama updated ad  Steve Owen Logo V3

Broad Street Wines

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chair sponsor Lynn Joyce


Sunset Motel main Color logo


chair ad Highland Books updated ad

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Ginger M. (Salon)
32 West Jordan Street


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brevard insurance


sacha barnett

Sacha Barnett