“Appalachian Art – Past to Present”

November 23 – December 21

“Appalachian Art – Past to Present” focuses on the artistic influences within our region which evolves from tradition to transcendence. Contemporary artists have a wealth of historic works on which to draw.

Artists include: Ann DerGara, Eric Dergara, John O. Dodson, John E. Dodson, Christine Kosiba, Lucy Clark, Chuck Kidwell, Preston Woodruff, Elizabeth Galloway, Barbara Miller, Becky Garrison, Bonnie Jean Bertlshofer, Fred Mehlin, Avril Woody, Cathryn Cooper, Kristen Necessary, Carol Norby, Laurel John, Deborah Kidwell, Paula Swartz, Sue Hershey, Joseph Wilde, Chaffe McIlhenny, Rodeny Leftwich, Jason Serres, Peter Mockridge, Will Weigle, Tim Murray, Joe Siniard, Pete Mockridge, Jack Denny, Danny DeToma, Costanza Knight and many more, including collections of Cherokee baskets and wood carvings from John C. Campbell Folk School.